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Internship Opportunities with Urban Arts

posted Sep 26, 2011, 6:59 PM by davidrothauser@newdesignhigh.com   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 7:04 PM by Maria Clausen ]
Students can find new internship information for Master Classes with Urban Arts Partnership on the board in the middle hallway. This is what they have to offer. 

2011 Urban Arts Partnership Media Lab

The Media Lab, located at Urban Arts Partnership’s headquarters, is a multi-media space where you have the opportunity to spend your summers and weekends learning various forms of media (documentary film, animation, music production), building your artistic and technical skills and gaining credits. Programs teach media literacy and provide forums for sharing stories that bring awareness to relevant social issues.

Creative Responses to an Emerging World
Located at Urban Arts Partnership’s headquarters, CREW is a creative visual arts space where you have the chance to create public art to influence change. You will learn about issues in your community and world, and bring awareness to these issues by creating a collective artistic response, including murals, gallery exhibitions and branding campaigns for materials (t-shirts, etc)

Life Stories: Playwriting
Do you dream of writing your own play? Do you have a story you want to share? Are you excited to work with a group of your peers to learn about the craft of playwriting and to create an original short play?  In this series of exciting workshops, you will have the opportunity to work with playwriting professionals, learn advanced script writing techniques and have your play performed on 42nd Street! 

The Life Stories Youth Ensemble
Do you dream of creating and acting in your own play? Do you have a story you want to share or a character you want to bring to life on stage? Are you excited to work with a group of your peers on a creative production?  If so, this month long intensive theater program is for you. In this series of exciting workshops you will get to work with New York Theater professionals, learn advanced writing and acting techniques and perform your original theater piece on 42nd Street!

Master Poets

The Master Poets is a collective of young poets, emcees and lyricists who are dedicated to using their voices to raise awareness about issues in their community and to advocate for change not only in their own lives but in the greater world beyond. This school year each Master Poet will be asked to produce an independent final project (a chapbook of writing, a mixtape/album of songs, a poetry/music video, etc.). Students will also be required to perform their own writing in public and to participate in a service-learning component. This class is a master-level course, and therefore it is going to require a great deal of commitment from those enrolled.