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Week of 10/17/16

posted Oct 17, 2016, 5:12 AM by Michael Casiano   [ updated Oct 17, 2016, 5:12 AM ]

  • Week of October 17th - Regular Schedule 
    • Monday October 17th, 
      • Regular Schedule with Office Hours
      • Gym for Design For Life 
      • Fire Drill @ 10:30 am 
      • Sign up for the Poetry Slam @ THE HUB-  ALL WEEK 
    • Tuesday, October 18th, 
      • Regular Schedule with Office Hours
    • Wednesday, October 19th 
      • Regular Schedule with Office Hours
      • EDGIES is visiting New Design High School - They will dropping by Design For Life in the 9th Grade  
      • The Gents - 3:00pm - 4pm                                                                                                     
      • Sign Up for G.O.P Basketball during AM Office Hrs, Lunch, or After School                                     
    • Thursday, October 20th
      • Regular Schedule with Office Hours
      • G.O.P Basketball: 3:05pm - 4:05pm
      • Poetry Club 3:00pm - 4:00pm 

    • Friday, October 21st - HAPPY FRIDAY! 
      • Regular Schedule with Office Hours
      • Gym for Math
      • #GoodVibesFridayND
      • Hallway Link Up 
      • "Circles 4 Life"
Student Services:
  • Lost/Need I.D 
    • If you need or lost your I.D, please report to Room 436 during Morning Office Hours, Lunch, or After School Office Hours to order a NEW I.D
    • Students without an I.D will not be allowed out of the building for Off Campus Lunch 
  • Issues with Pupil Path Login
    • Having some issues logging onto your PupilPath account, feel free to email Michael B at MichaelBateau@newdesignhigh.com for assistance
  • Working Papers
    • Students who are interested in applying for Working Papers must have the following copied documents
      1. Copy of Birth Certificate
      2. Copy of Social Security Card
      3. Physical Form completed from Doctor confirming students eligibility to work 
    • Please see Daniel Cabrera (YDC) or Michael Casiano(418) on Wednesdays for Working Paper Support
"Whats going on in October!!??!!"
  • Halloween Bash on October 26th 
  • Sprit Week 10/24 - 10/28 - Look out for Themed Days 
Community Reminders
  • Emails: Check your email for NEW After School Program Opportunities, Speak to Casiano if you need help signing up www.gmail.com
  • PupilPath: Not sure if your Homework has been graded? Worried about that OTM percentage, TAKE THE LEAD AND CHECK YOUR GRADES! Click www.pupilpath.com and BE IN THE KNOW!
Weather for the Week: "Summer is GONE...... FALL WHAT UP!"