9th Grade Shout Outs (#8)

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The end of the semester is coming... DUH DUH DUMMMMM

Three students that really stand out this week are....

Shaniyah S. for being extremely responsible and always starting her work right away.  

Ashley B. has so much enthusiasm in class and puts a ton of effort into her work.  AND..

Yusef H. has the highest grade in his cohort for ELA!! WooHoo!!

These students are model students in the classroom and deserve the be celebrated greatly!!
Good luck on your finals everyone!!

9th Grade Shoutouts (#7)

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ONE WEEK BEFORE BREAK... we know this can be a crazy time of year but we have noticed a lot of respectable behaviors from you guys! 

Jalen T. has been very focused in class lately! He is getting his work done and being more responsible about his attitude and behavior in class! Awesome job Jalen!  It's being noticed!!

Rian J. has really stepped it up in ELA. She is official in charge of the distribution of materials and takes her job seriously.  She shows a very responsible side and her help is greatly appreciated.

Nastajah G. has been showing very scholarly behavior in Living Environment this quarter.  We love seeing the smile on her face too!   

Jordie D. has always been a star in class but lately he has really been feeling confident in Math (and other classes too!).  It's nice to see Jordie stepping up as a leader and helping his peers. 

Delon G. has been handing in more work and been much more focused in ELA. 

Shout out to all the 9th grade young women who were open to having conversations in ELA about being a woman! You were mature, honest and open and it has been greatly appreciated and respected! :)

9th Grade Shout Outs (#6)

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First Quarter is over!!!!!! But don't stop now! Lots more to do!

Heather R. is a rockstar in DFL finishing her Milestone and asking serious questions about how she can improve.  She especially stepped it up at the end of the quarter! Go Heather!!!

Alliyah is consistently hard working in all of her classes especially Living Environment and ELA.  She started the year strong and ended the quarter consistently as strong.  Go Girl! Keep it up!

Hector might be quiet in class but he does amazing work.  His awesome has been recognized in Math and Global.  A true black horse... in a good way.

Kevin G. was extremely diligent about making up work and following up with his teachers to bring up his grade at the end of the quarter.  He was super duper on top of it! 

A math shout out for Jeffrey E. who improved his milestone a LOT in class, which made a BIG improvement in his grade.  

BIG Shout out to Florina for having the highest ELA grade in her cohort!!!!!!!

9th Grade Shout Outs (#5)

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More Shout Outs for you!!!  4 for you!!!! (Glen Coco... you go Glen Coco)

1)  Brandon C. really stepping up as a role model and a mature young man during his coaching session last week.  He helped his coach facilitate a meaningful conversation between the group.  Overall teachers are really saying great things about Brandon.  This is the year of Brandon!

2)  Jonathan F. has been super on task in Global lately.  He is caught up on his work, he is coming after school to get the work he missed.  He's really being mature and taking ownership over his work and his behaviors!  Go Jonathan!

3)  Cree has been very focused in ELA.  She intentionally choses to stay on task in class and not be distracted by her peers.  She is super intelligent and now that she is more focused too she is doing incredible work in class.

4)  Shout out to the 9th graders in general for their maturity, sensitivity, and courage during their Publishing Party in DFL.  Students that shared showed true bravery and courage.  Students who listened were huge supporters of their peers.  A true vision of beauty!

9th Grade Shout Outs (#4)

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Greatness just keeps happening as Quarter 1 comes to a close!

Hayley S. handed in quality work on her Global milestone and her teachers are super impressed.  Shout out to you Hayley! Get that Global done!!

Steven G. has really been stepping his game up in both global and science (especially science!) he is completing so much more homework and is super engaged! Go Steven!

Did anyone else see Christopher M. after school in office hours?  He was there! He was there for 2 hours working extremely hard with Maria to complete and review his science work.  He completed 15 homework assignments in one office hours session.  That's some serious commitment Christopher!  KEEP IT UP!

As Quarter 1 comes to an end there are MILESTONES at every corner!  AHH! 
While it is tempting to buckle under the pressure of these major assignments, some students are really taking control and getting work done!  Coach wanted to give a big shout out to Ryan G., Embraya P. and Wilfreddy S. for being on top if their DFL Milestone.  They went above and beyond the required work to complete more than the required work. That's the attitude!

Good luck to all 9th graders as Quarter 1 comes to close!
Your first high school report cards ever are just around the corner!
YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!

9th Grade Shout Outs (#3)

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You might not have heard from us in a while but we have a lot of positive things to notice about you 9th graders!

Brandon C. has really been standing out as a model student who has been super focused and motivated in class.  He's a real come back kid this year! Keep it up Brandon!

Mikey M. has been very focused in class and his work is showing it.  He is asking great questions in global and sitting down to work hard! Great Job Mikey!!

A big shout out to Liya L. who continues to be focused in class and getting all of her assignments done, but lately has been really stepping up as a model for empathy. She really looks out for others and it's being noticed.  

Juan T. has been so professional lately and really turning it around.  All of his teachers have noticed his focus and care in class being amped up! Go Juan!!!!

9th Grade Shout Outs (#2)

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Happy Monday!  We're starting the week with some good vibes... here's who has been standing out lately.

Mike M. was a STAR in Global today.  His engagement in class was noticed and appreciated.  On top of that, he showed mature, respectful behavior and completed his classwork like a hero.  

Embraya P. is another student standing out in a mature and respectful way.  In ELA her enthusiasm is always appreciated, but today what stood out was her self control.  Her attitude was spot on, keep it up girl!

A BIG shoutout to all the 9th grade who completed their first Council Circle in DFL last Friday.  It went really well because everyone was open minded, willing to share and engaged.  #circles

(Want your name on the shout out board?  Be outstanding and make good choices, maybe you'll be next!)

9th Grade Shout Out! (#1)

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What a great start to the year!  Here's some examples of how the 9th graders are "on fleek"...

Katey (our amazing DFL teacher) can't stop raving about the blogs that the students are making in class.  Students are really putting their best efforts in.  It is impressive what the students are on their way to creating.  
Special shout outs to Kiana G., Maria P., Ericka T., and Zayin T. for their outstanding work!

Speaking of Zayin... he's been standing out (in a good way)!  He's such an inquisitive person (great SAT word, look it up!).  In class, he participates big time, always reads closely, has excellent writing and he is a great team player.  
New Design is lucky to have a guy like Zayin in our classrooms!  
Keep up the good work 9th Grade!

(Want your name on the shout out board?  Be outstanding and make good choices, maybe you'll be next!)

NDHS Graduate is a Published Author

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Niaia Boston, a New Design High School Graduate, is a published author. Read her article here

Week of 9/9/15

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