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9th Grade Shout Outs (#2)

posted Oct 5, 2015, 12:27 PM by
Happy Monday!  We're starting the week with some good vibes... here's who has been standing out lately.

Mike M. was a STAR in Global today.  His engagement in class was noticed and appreciated.  On top of that, he showed mature, respectful behavior and completed his classwork like a hero.  

Embraya P. is another student standing out in a mature and respectful way.  In ELA her enthusiasm is always appreciated, but today what stood out was her self control.  Her attitude was spot on, keep it up girl!

A BIG shoutout to all the 9th grade who completed their first Council Circle in DFL last Friday.  It went really well because everyone was open minded, willing to share and engaged.  #circles

(Want your name on the shout out board?  Be outstanding and make good choices, maybe you'll be next!)