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9th Grade Shout Outs (#4)

posted Nov 3, 2015, 6:22 PM by
Greatness just keeps happening as Quarter 1 comes to a close!

Hayley S. handed in quality work on her Global milestone and her teachers are super impressed.  Shout out to you Hayley! Get that Global done!!

Steven G. has really been stepping his game up in both global and science (especially science!) he is completing so much more homework and is super engaged! Go Steven!

Did anyone else see Christopher M. after school in office hours?  He was there! He was there for 2 hours working extremely hard with Maria to complete and review his science work.  He completed 15 homework assignments in one office hours session.  That's some serious commitment Christopher!  KEEP IT UP!

As Quarter 1 comes to an end there are MILESTONES at every corner!  AHH! 
While it is tempting to buckle under the pressure of these major assignments, some students are really taking control and getting work done!  Coach wanted to give a big shout out to Ryan G., Embraya P. and Wilfreddy S. for being on top if their DFL Milestone.  They went above and beyond the required work to complete more than the required work. That's the attitude!

Good luck to all 9th graders as Quarter 1 comes to close!
Your first high school report cards ever are just around the corner!
YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!