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9th Grade Shout Outs (#5)

posted Nov 9, 2015, 1:01 PM by
More Shout Outs for you!!!  4 for you!!!! (Glen Coco... you go Glen Coco)

1)  Brandon C. really stepping up as a role model and a mature young man during his coaching session last week.  He helped his coach facilitate a meaningful conversation between the group.  Overall teachers are really saying great things about Brandon.  This is the year of Brandon!

2)  Jonathan F. has been super on task in Global lately.  He is caught up on his work, he is coming after school to get the work he missed.  He's really being mature and taking ownership over his work and his behaviors!  Go Jonathan!

3)  Cree has been very focused in ELA.  She intentionally choses to stay on task in class and not be distracted by her peers.  She is super intelligent and now that she is more focused too she is doing incredible work in class.

4)  Shout out to the 9th graders in general for their maturity, sensitivity, and courage during their Publishing Party in DFL.  Students that shared showed true bravery and courage.  Students who listened were huge supporters of their peers.  A true vision of beauty!