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9th Grade Shout Outs (#6)

posted Nov 16, 2015, 12:27 PM by
First Quarter is over!!!!!! But don't stop now! Lots more to do!

Heather R. is a rockstar in DFL finishing her Milestone and asking serious questions about how she can improve.  She especially stepped it up at the end of the quarter! Go Heather!!!

Alliyah is consistently hard working in all of her classes especially Living Environment and ELA.  She started the year strong and ended the quarter consistently as strong.  Go Girl! Keep it up!

Hector might be quiet in class but he does amazing work.  His awesome has been recognized in Math and Global.  A true black horse... in a good way.

Kevin G. was extremely diligent about making up work and following up with his teachers to bring up his grade at the end of the quarter.  He was super duper on top of it! 

A math shout out for Jeffrey E. who improved his milestone a LOT in class, which made a BIG improvement in his grade.  

BIG Shout out to Florina for having the highest ELA grade in her cohort!!!!!!!