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9th Grade Shoutouts (#7)

posted Dec 14, 2015, 12:26 PM by
ONE WEEK BEFORE BREAK... we know this can be a crazy time of year but we have noticed a lot of respectable behaviors from you guys! 

Jalen T. has been very focused in class lately! He is getting his work done and being more responsible about his attitude and behavior in class! Awesome job Jalen!  It's being noticed!!

Rian J. has really stepped it up in ELA. She is official in charge of the distribution of materials and takes her job seriously.  She shows a very responsible side and her help is greatly appreciated.

Nastajah G. has been showing very scholarly behavior in Living Environment this quarter.  We love seeing the smile on her face too!   

Jordie D. has always been a star in class but lately he has really been feeling confident in Math (and other classes too!).  It's nice to see Jordie stepping up as a leader and helping his peers. 

Delon G. has been handing in more work and been much more focused in ELA. 

Shout out to all the 9th grade young women who were open to having conversations in ELA about being a woman! You were mature, honest and open and it has been greatly appreciated and respected! :)