For Parents

Answers to some of your questions. If your question isn't answered below, email

  1. Where do I find my child's progress/grades?

We use an online software platform called Pupil Path. Parents can register for Pupil Path with the code emailed or texted to you. If you don't have the code, or need help registering, email

  1. How do I receive up to date information from New Design?

We have several digital communication tools. Remind sends announcements to your cell phone. To sign up for Remind, send a text to 81010, and in the message type @FILL THIS IN! We also send information via a system that uses your cell phone number. If your cell phone number changes, please email

  1. How do I report a change of address or change of phone number?

Email with any change of address or phone number.

  1. What are the online platforms I should definitely be connected to?

There are four online platforms you should definitely be connected to:

  1. Pupil Path is our online grading platform. If you need help logging on, email

  2. Operoo is our platform to collect blue card information, and other vital information. Click here for more info.

  3. Kinvolved is our attendance system that automatically texts or emails you when your student is absent or late to school or class. You don't need to do anything, except to email us at if your cell phone or email address changes.

  4. Remind is a reminder application we use to send announcements. To sign up for Remind, send a text message to 81010 with the following message: @

  1. What is Operoo, and how do I register?

Click here for more information about Operoo.

  1. Who is in charge of the parent/teacher association, and how do I get involved?

  1. What are student led conferences? How are they different from parent/teacher conferences?

Student led conferences (SLCs) are an opportunity for your student to showcase his/her/their learning to parents, guardians, New Design staff, and any others the student would like to invite. Student led conferences happen at least once, and possibly twice each year. Due to Covid and the uncertainty of the 2020 - 2021 academic year, we are uncertain whether student led conferences will happen. Student led conferences are different from parent/teacher conferences because during SLCs, the student drives the conversation between the adults participating. During p/t conferences, the conversation tends to be between the parent and teacher, sometimes with little to no input from the student.

  1. Where is your student handbook?

Click here to access our student handbook.

  1. Where is the New York City Department of Education's calendar?

As of Mon, 8/31, the DOE has not released our calendar. It's been announced that Sept 10 is the first day of school.

  1. If I still have questions, who can I contact?

Email for any questions you may have.